Let’s Talk About Sexo

Published in Colorlines, December 21, 2005

Why Spanish-language radio beats Howard Stern in ratings.

It’s 7:00 Monday morning. On a Spanish-language radio station, DJs Luis Jiménez and Moonshadow tell listeners, “Llámanos y cuéntanos lo que sucedió en el fin de semana” (“Call us to tell us what happened over the weekend”). The responses?

Male Caller: “This weekend, my wife and I finally found the chica we’ve been seeking for a threesome; she was too nervous to go through with it, but she said she wants to learn and my wife’s willing to teach her, bro’!”

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“Negra Con Lápiz” is Born/Nace “Negra Con Lápiz”

I was  in fourth grade, in 1979 and before el Ciclon David, in my native Matahambre, a semi-slum in Santo Domingo, so well-known for its prolific flora brimming with extra ripe coconuts, mangoes, guavas, and tamarinds that it became a mandate that no resident would ever die from hunger while living there. Hence its name.
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